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Step by Step

One of the first questions a couple asks me is: what's the process for getting married? 

I figured it may be useful to jot down the step by step process here for quick reference.

Step 1: find someone to marry you ;)

Step 2: pick a date and venue

Step 3: book your wedding staff - photographer, musicians, caterers, bartender, baker, florist, and of course, me (your marriage commissioner!). 

Step 4: lots of planning :)

Step 5: when you are within 3 months of your wedding day (no sooner), go to a registry agency anywhere in Alberta - together, with 2 peices of government issued ID, and get the marriage license.

Step 6: finalize ceremony details,

Step 7: get married (see ceremony script on website),

Step 8: 7-10 working days after the wedding,  go to any registry agency with the certificate you were issued (from me) at your wedding and order the official/legal marriage certificate.

Step 9: live happily ever after! 

Here is a link to Alberta Vital Statistics website:

Hope this helps! 

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