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Wedding Season is Never Over

Last fall, I did a wedding at the Crystal Ridge Golf Course in Okotoks. It was Sunday, October 1st and it was a brisk, but sunny day. The next morning, we had our first big snow fall! After that, I did get less bookings for ceremonies, but the winter weather can't stop people from getting married (although, most wedding our inside now!).

I had the opportunity to meet a couple for a small ceremony with their two closest friends (and man's best friend, who wore their rings on a handkerchief round his neck) in Fish Creek Park; I got to marry two friends from work; and I got to be the officiant for my sister-in-law's wedding over Christmas!

And then, February hit - and with a bang, wedding plans began! Although, I have only done a few weddings since Christmas, I have been busy providing information to many inquiries, and have been busy customizing ceremonies for the wedding bookings that our already filling up my summer schedule. I have two blended family ceremonies coming up, and another couple has asked for something unique that includes the story of how they met - and another couple that asked if it would be okay to have swearing in the ceremony! I should have replied "Hell ya!" But I think my response was probably more professional :)

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