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When I applied with Service Alberta to be a Marriage Commissioner, I had a few of my colleagues write letters of recommendations. I joked afterwards, that I should ask for people to do this every few years as it made me feel great! I have been told that I don't lack confidence - and I agree that I don't necessarily need a boost to my ego, but I was both honoured and flattered to read what people wrote about me!

I considered having a "testimonials" section on my website, but only have one testimonial to add (see below), so in the absence of wedding testimonials I have included some snippets from the letters of recommendations.

My first testimonial:

"Thank you, Cameron, for guiding us through the ceremony so well!!!"


"Cameron is extremely professional, and able to make strong and lasting relationships. He is well liked. This is likely due to his strong sense of humour, his kindness to others, and his ability to work with all groups of people."

"He is an excellent communicator, and is able to create professional written documents in his capacity as an English Language Arts teacher. He is professional, reliable, and is able to work with couples and the audiences that are present at the ceremony."

And last, but not least, here is a photo from my first ceremony!

Photo Credit Jane Russell (

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