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Customized Ceremony

If you want something different from the traditional ceremony reading, or just want a few changes or additions, I am happy to work with you to create a ceremony that is uniquely you!

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Wedding as a Toast:

... Name #2 and Name #1 will now exchange rings, and as they do, I would like you all to raise your glasses and repeat after me:

May your life be long and happy,

Your cares and sorrows few,

And the many friends around you,

Prove faithful, fond and true.



Biker Wedding:

… Name #1 and Name #2 have been riding together for 4 years and their experience of that togetherness has led them here today to make a public pronouncement that they have each "found the one", and luckily, for them, it is each other.

Some days your road will be smooth and clear; while other days they may be rough and stormy, but your hearts have called you to these wide open roads, where you will fulfill your dreams and weather your hardships together

Elopement Ceremony:

... We are here today to formally join Name #1 and Name #2 in the legal state of matrimony. In a few days time, you will join with your family and friends to officially celebrate your marriage, and in many ways that will be the day you become a new family. But here today, you will become a legal couple


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